The Power That Our Father In Heaven Has Given Us, His Children

Do you ever feel neglected by the universe that you wonder how you ever came to existence? There are multiple times that we are curbed with hardships and we continuously wonder who we are. The word of God continually reminds us that we are his flock regardless what we are going through. As Christians we sometimes need affirmation to show as that we are really important in the eyes of God no matter the mistakes we have made and the problems we are facing.

Yahweh has clearly said in his holy book who we are at his presence. Listed below are affirmation of who we are before God. First, God says we are his children. In the good news written by John, Yahweh accepts us as his very own so long as we remain in him. Secondly, he compares us to the vine and the vine dresser where the vine is shaped and nourished by the vine dresser. The meaning of this is that whoever believes in God lives in him and he cannot leave or forsake him. Third, the son of God says that we can refer to him as a friend. Jesus tells Christians in the John’s gospel that we are all friends in him since our father in heaven gives all. Consequently, we should not be afraid when asking for anything from our loyal and dear friend, Jesus Christ. Four, our daddy in heaven tells us that we have been redeemed and cleansed. We should no longer feel as we no longer slaves since Christ redeemed us on the cross and took all our sins away. Consequently, our old habits have been crucified at Calvary and we are now new beings. God also tells that he is not going to condemn us at all. The sentence of death that was given to our forefathers is lifted from us. God loves us and he is ready to listen to our contrition of asking for forgiveness. Visit this site to get started.

The fifth way through which Yahweh portrays his love to Christians is that he counts us as his children regardless of the sins we commit. God will not leave us even if we go a thousand miles away from him. He is ready to accept all our pleas for forgiveness. Yahweh also says that he lives in us since our bodies are the dwelling place of the holy ghost. This means that God is with us in whatever that we do. We are the vessels of Yahweh and he created us with purpose. The lord is familiar with every person he created. He will nature us and ensure that we do the good things he has put in us. God also says that we can ask anything while we are bold because he has given has the fruit of the holy spirit which is faith. Click here to find out more!

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